Bacta Tank

Bacta is a synthetic chemical that consists of jellylike, clear red alazhi and bacterial particles called kavam. These are then mixed within a colorless, thick fluid known as ambori. When a patient is exposed to bacta, the bacterial particles find wounds and promotes rapid tissue regeneration while preventing the formation of scar tissue. It's often thought of as a "miracle medicine", and appears to be effective against almost every type of injury and ailment across an incredible range of species throughout the galaxy. The miracle medicine is considered to be the best medicine available anywhere.

Bacta can be applied through disposable bacta patches, specially outfitted to equip onto the armor of a soldier in the clone army or battlefield medical droid, through the application of a salve or out of a Bio-Bacta tank, or by submersion in a standard bacta tank. When bacta immersion is used, the patient will either be clothed in white shorts or a white gown depending on the person's gender. The method of administration depends on the severity of the wounds. It is imperative that bacta is applied in a solution of clear synthetic fluid which mimics the body's own vital fluids.


Bacta Tank

Bacta has a smell that is described as "sickly-sweet"; immersion in a tank can leave one with the taste and smell of bacta within their mouths and nasal cavities for weeks afterward. Even bacta patches leave a smelly residue, although much weaker. The tanks themselves come in two varieties: the large, permanent or semi-permanent tanks installed within medical facilities, as well as emergency tanks that collapse and transport. Such field tanks actually require the patient to lie on their backs or stomachs; the bacta within often have to be taken out and run through filters.


Fast Flush

Bacta is produced in various strengths and potencies based on many different factors. A batch's quality depends upon how the various ingredients are blended together, the site where the ingredients are produced, and the vrachen that oversaw the blending.