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B.R.U.T.E.S Squad Leader



Nara Vermillion is the leader and "manager" of the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department for the Xucphra Corporation. She has been nicknamed "Red" by certain members of the Department of Administrative Research for Zaltin Industries because of her fiery red hair and personality.

She specializes in melee combat, more specifically, Vibroblades and knifes. Along with her sharp with, Nara also seems to exude a strong sensuality in her long strides, pleasure in pain and her noticeable appetite for muja fruit. Although it has never been confirmed, it has been suspected that Nara and her coworker, Nelson Blane, have some sort of romantic relationship with each other.


Nara was born on Corellia, 50 years BBY. Her parents, Kaarenn and Marxus Vermillion, were active officers in Corellia's widely-known Navy. Karrenn was a fleet officer, and Marxus was chief in a heavy operations commando unit. Unfortunately, Karren died shortly after the birth of her second child, Drake. Doctor suspected she contracted a rare disease while patrolling the outer rim borders while on duty.

Without Karrenn, and Marxus constantly away for various missions, Nara had to take primary responsibility for raising Drake. months after karrenn's death, Drake's health began to slip. With barely enough government funding to keep them alive, they couldn't get medical attention because their father had such a top-secret rank and position within the Corellian military, that the hospitals couldn't prove that Drake was related to any members of military personnel.


Nara as a child

Within two years, Drake's health deteriorated to the point where he passed away. He had the same symptoms his mother had before she died. Alone with nothing but hatred for her father, she fled her home and lived in the slums of Corellia. Living in the streets, she learned to fight and survive, paticularly with a vibroknife. The older she became, the more she learned she could use her body and looks to get what she wanted when she wanted.

As years passed, she refined her skill and did whatever she could to strike at the government that killed her mother and brother. she eventually joined an independent military group called the Repression Opposition Movement. It soon moved her off planet, and she performed various small tactics missions on various planets. Five years later she became a leading officer in her district.

A year before Bacta Adventures, She was approached by Xucphra Corporation to lead a newly formed group to do black ops for the company...


In Bacta Adventures, The Department of Administrative Research first encountered her in Slyydk's restaurant, The Starlight.


Nara fires a blaster pistol at the Department of Administrative Research